Colin’s story – Knee replacement

Colin has always been very active and a bit competitive! He played football twice a week from the age of 8 but sadly, he developed arthritis in his knee at the young age of 32 and had to give up playing. Although, it didn’t stop him taking up sports that had less impact on his knee joint like table tennis and golf, as time passed, Colin suffered more and more with pain in his knee and eventually had to stop doing the things he loved. Even the simplest of activities were proving painful for Colin and eventually sitting in cars, going to the cinema or gardening became unbearable.

Here, Colin tells his story about making the decision to undergo total knee replacement surgery and his experience at KIMS Hospital.

In the summer of 2018, Colin decided that the pain and swelling he experienced daily in his knee was starting to affect his personal and work life. His GP advised him to try medication in the first instance to see if it made a difference.

“After the appointment with my GP, I carried on as normal. Until one day, I was doing some light gardening and my knee had swollen so much – I was in absolute agony. I decided to send a photo to my GP to show him exactly what I was dealing with. It was after this that my GP referred me to KIMS Hospital to see Mr Mark Norris using my Private Medical Insurance.”

First visit to KIMS Hospital

Colin came to KIMS Hospital for his consultation with Mr Norris within days of being referred by his GP.  During his appointment, Mr Norris requested an x-ray for Colin, which he was able to have straight away. The results from the x-ray were back with Mr Norris all with in the same appointment and he was able to share the findings with Colin and discuss a treatment plan for total knee replacement surgery.  

“I came in to KIMS Hospital, grabbed a coffee, saw Mr Norris, went straight for an x-ray and before I knew it, I was back with Mr Norris who, after taking me through what surgery would involve, I was able to sign the consent form and I was booked in for my operation – all very impressive!”

Attending Joint School

The Physical Therapy team at KIMS Hospital run an information session for all their hip and knee replacement patients called ‘Joint School’. This is an important part of a patient’s journey as it provides advice on preparing for surgery, going home afterwards and the recovery process. For Colin, who attended ahead of his surgery, the information the team gave him helped to put his mind at ease about coming in for surgery, as he knew what to expect.

“Before my knee replacement, I attended Joint School with the Physical Therapy team where they took the time to talk through what to expect after my knee replacement. They shared hints and tips and were very honest with us. At the time, I didn’t realise just how useful the information was going to be until I returned home. I would recommend that patients attend it, listen to it and take it on board – you don’t realise how relevant the Joint School is until you have your new joint.”

After the knee replacement surgery

After his surgery, Colin stayed on Nickleby Ward in a private en-suite bedroom for two nights. He was looked after by the nursing team and Physiotherapists, who helped Colin to get out of bed and walking around soon after his operation to aid his recovery.

“My stay at KIMS Hospital was great, they really couldn’t do enough for me. The nursing team were incredibly caring and helpful at a very daunting time; everyone put me at ease. I was pleased that my Physiotherapist got me up even though I didn’t think I was able to. Her knowledge and determination to put me right was infectious and helped my motivation after the surgery.”

Post-op Physiotherapy

Once discharged from hospital, Colin went home to continue his recovery using the information he learnt at Joint School and put into practice the exercises his Physiotherapist had given him.  The following week, he returned to the Physical Therapy department for his first physio session.

“In my first session, I was disappointed as I only had 70° movement in my knee even though I had completed all of the recommended exercises. My friend had 90° movement on his first session and being the competitive person I am, I didn’t take this well.  However, my physiotherapist did a brilliant job reassuring me that this was within the average movement range they would expect to see after just one week. Her positivity and confidence during my next couple of sessions spurred me on and before I knew it, I had graduated to the advanced sessions and my range of movement has continued to improve. My goal is 130° movement and I am nearly there, I couldn’t be happier!”

Back to the things you love

“I cannot speak highly enough of everyone at KIMS Hospital. I am now looking forward to retiring in four years. I feel like I have my life back on track, spending time out walking, gardening and playing with my grandchildren is not out of reach and something I can enjoy doing again. From day one, the team’s enthusiasm, knowledge and the ‘want’ to get you better made me feel that I could do it and I have.”