Extra support for patients and their families at KIMS Hospital

KIMS Angels (l/r) Mary Richards, Val Springett, Christine Ash, and Tony Jennings.


KIMS Hospital is celebrating the launch of its Angels programme, which sees local people giving up their time to provide extra support to both private and NHS patients, and their families.

 The Angels’ mission statement is simple – to be there whenever a patient needs them.

 “Often this can mean getting them a cup of tea or sitting down and having a chat with them,” said Val Springett, a former airline pilot and local borough councillor, who lives in Bearsted, “Our role is to compliment and work alongside the clinical and non-clinical teams within the hospital. It can help take a patients mind off their treatment.

 “We all came together from very different backgrounds and with different reasons for wanting to volunteer,” said Mary Richards, a local community environmental and charity worker, who lives in Thurnham. “But what we have found is that we all have a common vision for what we hope to achieve with KIMS Angels.”

 Val and Mary also help to run the Patient Forum to enhance the level of care provided to all patients at the hospital.

 Fellow Angel Tony Jennings, a former printer at The Times newspaper, who lives locally said: “Having volunteered in the local NHS hospital for a number of years I was keen to work at KIMS and extend my experience and support to their patients.”

 Christine Ash was the final member to join the team. She explained:  “When I heard about what Mary, Val and Tony were doing it was very exciting. We’re are all from different backgrounds, but we all have something in common – the aim to complement the care provided to patients at KIMS Hospital.”