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Healthy Heart Quiz

We’re encouraging everyone to show their heart some love.

With over 73,000 deaths a year in the UK from coronary heart disease (CHD), it’s important to make sure you, and your loved ones, are leading a healthy lifestyle to help minimise your risk of developing this condition.

Our quiz is designed with you in mind, to help educate you on the risk factors associated with heart conditions and get you on track for a healthy heart lifestyle. Simply count up the number of times you answer ‘Yes’ to a question and we’ll let you know the next steps that are best for you.

Does your family have a history of heart-related illnesses?

Are you taking any medication for high cholesterol?

Do you have diabetes?

Do you smoke?

Do you drink over 14 units of alcohol per week?
(1 unit is about a small glass of wine, one shot or half a pint of beer)

Do you consider yourself to have a low-fibre diet (you should aim to eat around 30g fibre a day)?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to two or more of these questions, you may be at risk of developing heart-related issues. 

Click here to book a Healthy Heart Check with our specialist Cardiology team.

If you have any concerns or queries contact the KIMS Hospital team on 01622 237727 or email

Whether you’re at high risk or not, looking after your heart is essential. Pass this on to your loved ones and spread the message to make sure everyone is taking the right steps to look after their heart and lead a happy, healthy life. 



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