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Hi, I’m Val, I am the Lead Cardiac/Interventional Radiographer here at KIMS Hospital.


What does the Lead Cardiac/Interventional Radiographer do?

In my role I am responsible for ensuring that high quality Cardiac and Interventional images are obtained on our state of the art equipment.
Radiation safety is a key aspect of my role when considering diagnostic imaging. My role is to ensure that the lowest dose strategies are used, whilst still maintaining excellent image quality. This helps ensure that the Consultants are able to make an accurate diagnosis post procedure.
I am also responsible for the training and development of the Radiographers who rotate through the Interventional Suite.

Why did you choose Cardiology?

I have been involved in Interventional Cardiology for over 15 years and its an area of my profession that I have always loved.
Cardiology is an area that is rapidly changing. New stents and techniques, that can be performed as day cases, mean that the patients journey can be less traumatic as they recover more quickly.

How long have you been working at KIMS Hospital?

I have been at KIMS Hospital since November 2015

What do you love most about your job?

TEAMWORK! Cardiology needs to have a dynamic, talented and multi-disciplinary team. We are very close knit and it’s a great place to work.
I also enjoy the interactions that we have with the patients as they are with us for, usually, a few hours.



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