New Back Pain Diagnostic Service Launched by KIMS


Back pain affects most people at some point in their lifetime, but if it continues for a number of weeks or is preventing them from working or living life to the full, then it is time to get to the root of the problem. KIMS Hospital is now offering a new and all-inclusive diagnostic service for £495, to enable people to quickly find out the cause of their back pain and receive a recommended treatment plan to help them return to a pain free life.

The new service will enable people to book directly at their convenience an appointment with an Orthopaedic Surgeon, Neurosurgeon, Rheumatology or Pain Consultant. They will discuss the condition with the patient and carry out a thorough examination, which may include an MRI scan on the same day, all on the same site at KIMS’ groundbreaking new facilities. The patient will receive a second consultation after the MRI scan, to discuss the cause of the pain and the recommended treatment plan to discuss with their own GP.

KIMS quote: “For many people the on-going misery caused by living with back pain is compounded by not being able to live life to the full. Whether this means they are struggling to work or carry out simple everyday tasks, such as being able to lift or play with their children or grandchildren, enjoy hobbies or sport. Getting an accurate diagnosis is the key to receiving the right treatment and a pain free life in the future.”

Back pain can be triggered by many things such as bad posture while sitting or standing, bending awkwardly or by lifting incorrectly. Back pain often improves in a few weeks or months but some people experience long-term pain or pain that keeps returning.

Back pain can also be caused by an injury or disease such as:

• A slipped disc/sciatica – when one of the discs in the spine is damaged and presses on the nerves. Damaged discs can also cause back pain without sciatica.
• Arthritis or wear and tear of the spinal joints.
• Ankylosing spondylitis – an inflammatory disease of the spine causing pain and stiffness in the sacroiliac joints.

KIMS quote: “We are delighted to offer this service to patients from the new back care centre at KIMS. KIMS has invested in the latest technology and a research grade MRI scanner that allows us to produce spinal imaging of extraordinary quality, which is very important when assessing the potential sources of back pain.

To book an appointment email or call 01622 237755. Bookings should be made before 31st May 2015.