Pioneering Weight Loss Surgery Now Available at KIMS Hospital


KIMS Hospital has partnered with the pioneering organisation Phoenix Health, to open its first bariatric centre in the South East. KIMS and Phoenix Health will jointly develop and provide bespoke weight loss procedures and bariatric surgery services for patients in the region.

Phoenix Health,, was founded by and is led by doctors and is highly specialised and experienced in weight loss surgery. Patients visiting KIMS will be offered bespoke weight loss procedures and services with leading bariatric consultants, with access to state of the art equipment in this brand new first class hospital.

Services on offer at KIMS include:

• Gastric Sleeve – combines keyhole reduction of portion size, with reduced levels of the hunger-stimulating hormone ghrelin.

• Gastric Bypass – Keyhole surgery for the treatment of type 2 diabetes and severe obesity, which stimulates production of high levels of natural hormones that reduce appetite and lower the high blood sugar levels found in type 2 diabetes.

• Gastric Band – Keyhole surgery to place a silicone band around the upper part of the stomach, which slows the passage of food through the stomach enhancing fullness and satiety after meals.

• Duodenal Switch – A surgical procedure that involves a sleeve gastretomy with a surgical bypass of the majority of the small intestine. This produces the most powerful anti-diabetic and weight loss effect of all current bariatric procedures.

• Band on Bypass – This procedure is used to treat weight regain after a failed gastric bypass and involves placing a conventional gastric band around the mid portion of the stomach pouch, to shrink capacity and slow down the rate at which it empties.

• Intragastric Balloon – This is considered to be a minor procedure as it is non-invasive and is carried out under sedation. A silicone balloon is inserted into the stomach under sedation and filled with saline which means only a small amount of food is needed to feel full.

The new bariatric centre will especially benefit people with Type 2 diabetes, who thanks to a recent change in the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence guidelines (NICE) can now access surgical treatment for their diabetes even if they are not particularly overweight. The lower cut-off for type 2 diabetes treatment is a BMI of 30. At least 2/3 of diabetics treated with gastric bypass or gastric sleeve can expect their diabetes to disappear within weeks of treatment without the need for on-going diabetes medication or injections.

Dawn Cremin at KIMS comments: “We are delighted to announce this partnership with Phoenix Health who have a national and international reputation for high quality bariatric surgery. We welcome consultations with patients directly or via their GP to discuss the treatment options available and to explore how bariatric surgery might help. Phoenix consultants are experts in their field and by partnering with KIMS our team of surgeons, dieticians, nurses and psychologists can now give patients access to the only dedicated Bariatric Centre in the South East at KIMS run to Phoenix’s exacting standards.”

Professor David Kerrigan of Phoenix Health comments: “Phoenix Health have been looking for a suitable base to establish a state-of-the-art bariatric surgery centre in the South East for some time and we are absolutely delighted to be working at KIMS, a hospital that we believe offers superb facilities and an unparalleled level of patient care. Patients need to know that they can trust their bariatric team to offer impartial advice and clinical excellence – the fusion of Phoenix Health and KIMS is a perfect combination that can give patients the reassurance that they deserve”.

Patients wishing to make an appointment or who would like more information can visit or call 08452 515 515.