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Clinician Financial Interests in KIMS Hospital

Referring clinicians’ shares and/or financial interests are shown in the table below:

NameSpecialtyNo of Shares% of total shares
Mr Sam AndrewsVascular1,0000.01%
Mr James CashaOrthopaedics1,0000.01%
Dr Yasser El-MiedanyRheumatology1,0000.01%
Dr Sukanya GhoshRadiology1,0000.01%
Mr Ahmed HamoudaGeneral Surgery1,0000.01%
Dr Thomas Johnson-SmithRadiology1,0000.01%
Dr Meeran NajiRadiology1,0000.01%
 Dr Vivek RamanRadiology1,0000.01%
Dr Natalie RyanRadiology1,0000.01%
Mr Stephen Attard-MontaltoGynaecology1,2500.01%
Mr Dibyendu DattaGynaecology1,2500.01%
Professor Omer DevajaGynaecology1,2500.01%
Mr Andreas PapadopoulousGynaecology1,2500.01%
Professor John DeanfieldPaediatric Cardiology2,0000.02%
Professor Rahual KanegaonkarENT2,0000.02%
Dr Phillipa MillsRadiology2,0000.02%
Mr Simon BaileyGeneral Surgery2,5000.02%
Mr Rowan ConnellGynaecology2,5000.02%
Mr Sudhir RaoOrthopaedics2,0000.02%
Mr Richard GullanNeurosurgery2,5000.02%
Mr Michael SharrNeurosurgery2,5000.02%
Dr Philip McMillanRadiology3,0000.03%
Dr Paul RyanRadiology3,0000.03%
Dr Peter BarkerRadiology4,0000.04%
Mr Inderpaul BirdiCardiac Surgery4,0000.04%
Mr Pankaj GhandiGeneral Surgery4,0000.04%
Mr Parminder JeerOrthopaedics4,0000.04%
Dr Punithavathy Sri-GaneshanAnaethetist4,0000.04%
Mr Haythem AliGeneral Surgery5,0000.04%
Dr Mary BoylePathology5,0000.04%
Dr Richard CookeCardiology5,0000.04%
Mr Jesper DahlOesteopath5,0000.04%
Dr Saul HalpernDermatology5,0000.04%
Mr David PenmanGynaecology5,0000.04%
 Dr Shirine PezeshgiPsychiatrist5,0000.04%
Professor Amir NisarGeneral Surgery5,0000.04%
Mr Paul ReddyUrology5,0000.04%
Mr Sheshadri SriprasadUrology5,0000.04%
Mr Nick ThomasNeurosurgery5,0000.04%
Dr Tak EllisGeriatric Medicine6,0000.05%
Dr Robert HaddenNeurology7,0000.06%
Mr Roy IsworthUrology7,0000.06%
Dr Scott Takeda Cardiology7,0000.06%
Dr Gerald SaldanhaNeurology8,0000.07%
Dr Lucas MaischnerRadiology8,5000.08%
Dr David FishPathology9,0000.08%
Dr Jaswinder GillCardiology9,0000.08%
Dr Timothy HamptonRadiology9,0000.08%
Dr Ravish MankragodRespiratory9,0000.08%
Professor John SchofieldPathology9,0000.08%
Dr Peter SzwedzuikGP9,0000.08%
Mr Jonathan WalczakOrthopaedics9,0000.08%
Mr Christopher WalkerOrthopaedics9,0000.08%
Dr Praveen BilagiRadiology10,0000.09%
Miss Delilah HassanallyBreast Surgery10,0000.09%
Dr Amit SahaRheumatology10,0000.09%
Dr Chris ThomGeriatric medicine10,0000.09%
Dr Richard UnderwoodRadiology10,0000.09%
Dr Vijayakumar GaneshRadiology11,0000.10%
Dr Sam ChongNeurology12,0000.11%
Mr Peter JonesGeneral Surgery13,0000.12%
Dr Michael BatleyRheumatology13,0000.12%
Dr Jonathan WestGP17,0000.15%
Professor Anan ShettyOrthopaedics18,0000.16%
Dr John DonaldsonRadiology27,0000.24%
Dr Luisa GibsonGP38,0000.34%
Dr Michael RushtonGP38,0000.34%
 Dr Kulvinder SinghGP40,0000.36%
Dr Richard MusgraveGP42,0000.37%
Dr Larry ShallDermatology121,9021.08%
Dr Richard NewellGP123,0001.09%
Dr Anthony HammondRheumatology125,9021.12%
Dr Thomas ReichhelmGP132,0001.17%
Dr Phyllis HoltCardiology2,215,81019.68%

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