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Imaging & Diagnostics

Our expert team offers fast access to a wide range of diagnostic scans in our Imaging and Diagnostic Department at KIMS Hospital.

We offer patients easy access to MRI, CT, X-ray, Ultrasound, Mammogram and Nuclear Medicine including, early morning, late evening and weekend appointments, all under one roof.

Our dedicated team of radiographers work with highly experienced Consultant Radiologists to ensure we provide quality scans with fast and accurate reporting.

If you already have a referral from a GP, Consultant or other qualified healthcare professional and are paying for your own scan or using your private medical insurance, why not speak to a member of our team today to book your appointment.

Book your scan here or call us on 01622 237 656.

We are a Bupa approved specialist MRI and CT centre and approved by all major private medical insurance companies.


Scans at KIMS Hospital


A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan uses magnetic fields and radio waves to produce detailed images of the inside of the body. MRI is now being used more widely to diagnose medical conditions throughout the body, diagnose and assess injury and monitor the progress of treatment and recovery. The MRI scanner at KIMS Hospital is a wide bore scanner, which can help if you struggle with feelings of claustrophobia. 

KIMS Hospital is able to offer specialist cardiac MRI scans as well as the use of MRI for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

For more information about MRI scans click here.



A computerised tomography (CT) scan, or CAT scan as they used to be known, uses X-rays and a computer to create detailed cross-sectional images  of the body including bones, soft tissue such as muscles, blood vessels and internal organs. A CT scan can be used to diagnose conditions, guide further tests or treatments and monitor a number of conditions.

At KIMS Hospital we can use CT for cardiac scanning to see in details the structure and function of the heart. We are also a radiographer accredited CT Colonography site, which means we can use CT scans to view the interior of the colon.  The department is equipped with the latest generation of CT scanners, offering exceptional quality and the latest radiation dose saving features.    

For more information about CT scans click here.



X-ray is a common imaging tool typically used to look at bones. It is quick and painless and can detect a range of conditions. At KIMS Hospital, our radiographers use digital X-ray which, means the images produced can be enhanced for clarity and the images can easily be transferred back to the referring healthcare professional.



An ultrasound is a safe scan  procedure that uses high frequency sound waves to show internal organs and blood flow.  It can be used to check the health of a heart or as a guide to aid certain treatments and surgeries.  At KIMS hospital, we are also able to use Ultrasound as a real time guide to the Radiologists when they are performing an interventional procedures, such  as a biopsy.  The use of ultrasound guidance results in a quicker and more accurate biopsy test as the sample can be taken with pinpoint accuracy.

For more information about Ultrasound scans click here.



A mammogram is an x-ray examination designed specifically to take 2-D images of the breast. During a mammogram the breast is positioned between two flat plates on the machine which lightly press together. Two x-rays are taken of the breast and the images sent to a computer where the pictures are reviewed and a report developed.

KIMS Hospital is a Bupa accredited Breast Care with dedicated mammographers.

For more information about mammogram scans click here.


Nuclear Medicine

A nuclear medicine scan uses a tracer to highlight the parts of the body that need to be examined in more detail. The tracer is a substance with a small amount of radioactivity that is either injected into the bloodstream, inhaled or swallowed. A scan using nuclear medicine provides unique information that often cannot be obtained by other forms of imaging or scans.    

KIMS Hospital is the only private hospital in Kent to be able to offer this specialist service.


 Make an enquiry or book an appointment

If you’d like to book an appointment or make a general enquiry, you can use the form below and one of our imaging team will get contact you. You can also call us on 01622 237 656. 

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