Pain Management

Chronic (long term) pain, most commonly in the head, back and joints, can be a symptom of many conditions but can also be a disease in itself. The first step in pain management is a thorough assessment to look for any underlying conditions causing pain. If it is not possible to treat the source of pain, then symptom management and coping strategies will be used.

At KIMS we understand that living with pain can affect every area of your life and that many people affected by it experience disturbed sleep, anxiety and depression which can impact on their relationships and ability to work.

Treatment at KIMS is offered by a wider (multidisciplinary) team of specialists including doctors, physiotherapists and psychologists with specific training and clinical expertise in managing chronic pain.

Each patient is given an individualised pain management programme which involves regular assessments from a team of experts, and treatment that is holistic (designed to treat the whole person).

This includes not only nerve blocks and pain medication, but a range of complementary therapies including TENS, acupuncture and pain management strategies from psychologists.

Therapy is aimed at helping you to cope with your condition, increase your mental resilience and improve your quality of life.

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