Lung Function Test


Lung function tests, also called pulmonary function tests may consist of one, or a series of tests that involve breathing into a machine through a mouthpiece or tube.  Routine lung function tests can take from twenty minutes, up to one and a half hours to perform and may include spirometry, static lung volumes and gas transfer.

  • Arranging your Treatment

    Before going ahead with this treatment, you will need to have an initial consultation with a specialist Consultant to go through your medical history and diagnosis. At this appointment, your consultant will confirm the exact treatment you require. If you would like to have an initial consultation, you can call us and we can help you find the consultant best for you. Alternatively, if you have already been diagnosed as needing a particular operation or treatment, our Reservations team can give you a guide price for this to be carried out at KIMS Hospital and book an appointment for you to meet a consultant. Call our sales advisors on 01622 237727 or email

  • Paying for your Treatment

    You can be treated at KIMS by using your private medical insurance or by paying for yourself. If you have private medical insurance, you will need to contact your insurer to ensure you are covered for the initial consultation prior to making an appointment and obtain an authorisation number. The insurance company will then need to be advised if you require further treatment. The insurance company usually settles bills on your behalf. If you are paying for your own treatment, you will need to pay for an initial consultation. This will be confirmed at the time of booking but is typically £150-£250. You will also need to pay for any associated diagnostic tests your consultant recommends (for example x-rays and blood tests). Following this consultation, if you don’t need any further treatment or if you decide paying for yourself isn’t the right option, there is no commitment to proceed further. If you require the operation or procedure to be carried out, you will receive a quote for your treatment. In most case this will be the fixed price package quoted on this website. If this quote is different for any reason, we will provide an explanation (see what’s included below). This quote is also subject to pre-assessment checks prior to your admission to hospital. Payment is required 7 days prior to admission.

  • Prices

    The table below shows the approximate price for the  following tests, which may vary depending on your individual case (see what’s included below).

    Test Self-pay price
    Spirometry £120
    Spirometry and Gas Transfer £220
    Spirometry, Gas Transfer and Lung Volume (Full Lung Function) £295
    Full Lung Function with Reversibility Studies £375


  • What’s Included

    The fixed price package above includes all the costs associated with this treatment at KIMS Hospital. You will be given a quote prior to admission to confirm this cost. The amount you are quoted may differ from the published price for a number of reasons:

    • The Consultant you choose
    • Your medical history and whether you have any associated medical conditions which may impact this treatment
    • The type of anaesthetic your Consultant advises is best for you
    • The type of implant or drug you choose or your Consultant advises is best for you In some cases, if you have certain pre-existing medical conditions, it may not be possible to provide you with a fixed price for your Main Treatment.  If this is the case, the hospital will discuss the available options with you. Your quote is also subject to pre-assessment checks prior to your admission to hospital.

Upon arrival for lung function tests each patient will have their height and weight measured to gain predictive values for each of the tests.  This allows the physiologist and consultant to compare the lung function results with that of other people  of the same age, height and sex.  All tests will require you to breathe in and out through a mount piece with a nose peg on.

Please note that you will receive pre-test instructions prior to attending your lung function tests.


Spirometry measures the amount (volume) and/or speed (flow) of air that can be inhaled and exhaled.  You will be seated, asked to breathe normally into a mouthpiece with a nose clip and then instructed to take a deep breath in and then to blow out as fast as possible and try and keep blowing until your lungs are empty.  this will be performed a minimum of three times, but you will be given adequate rest between each blow.

Spirometry may then be repeated after you have been given an inhaler.  This will be to see if there is any improvement in your airways as a result of taking this medication.

Lung Volumes

This test measures the total size of your lungs (i.e. how big they are), and how the air is distributed through the lungs.  There are different techniques that may be used to measure your lungs, namely Helium Dilution and Whole Body Plethysmography.

Helium Dilution

For this procedure, you will be asked to breathe normally for 2 to 5 minutes from the equipment.

Whole Body Plethysmography

For this procedure, you will be asked to sit inside a special box/cubicle.  the door will be closed and the physiologist will talk to you via an intercom.  You will be asked to breathe into a mouthpiece in and out against a closed shutter.  At the end of the test you will be asked to breathe in deeply and then to blow out as much as possible.  This will be performed 3 to 5 times.

Gas Transfer

Gas transfer test measures how efficient your lungs are at exchanging gases.  During this test you will be seated and your nose will be sealed with a nose clip.  Generally you will be asked to breathe normally into a mouthpiece, followed by a relaxed blow all the way out until you cannot breathe out any more air, and then asked to breathe in as deep and as quickly as possible.  When your lungs are full, you will be asked to relax and hold your breath for approximately 9 seconds and then to blow all the way out.

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