Menopause and HRT Clinic

The Kent Menopause and HRT Clinic is an innovative clinic and one of the few dedicated clinics available in the South East outside London, which is able to offer a fully comprehensive service to women following a private or self-pay referral.    Effective management will be available not only to those women experiencing classical menopausal problems, but also to women suffering a premature menopause, including BRCA cases.  One of the key features is that it permits women to have dedicated time with an expert gynaecologist to discuss their concerns, with access to a full range of state-of-the-art diagnostics, thereby enabling the most appropriate treatment plan to be provided.

Each woman’s experience of the menopause is unique and therefore a “one size fits all approach” to managing the menopause does not work effectively.  The age at which symptoms begin, together with their severity and the length of time it can take to pass through the menopause will vary greatly from woman to woman.  The menopause is the time when a woman stops producing eggs and which can herald significant hormonal and physical changes.  Symptoms include flushes, sweats, tiredness, lack of sleep, headaches, memory and cognitive changes, mood lability and anxiety, vaginal dryness and sexual problems.  Modern HRT regimes are extremely effective at controlling these problems and the impact can be quite literally life-changing.

  • Arranging your Treatment

    Before going ahead with this treatment, you will need to have an initial consultation with a specialist Consultant to go through your medical history and diagnosis. At this appointment, your consultant will confirm the exact treatment you require. If you would like to have an initial consultation, you can call us and we can help you find the consultant best for you. Alternatively, if you have already been diagnosed as needing a particular operation or treatment, our Reservations team can give you a guide price for this to be carried out at KIMS Hospital and book an appointment for you to meet a consultant. Call our sales advisors on 01622 237 727 or email

  • Paying for your Treatment

    You can be treated at KIMS for these treatments by paying for yourself.  If you are paying for your own treatment, you will need to pay for an initial consultation which is included in the package price, which will be confirmed at the time of booking. You will also need to pay for any associated diagnostic tests your consultant recommends which are not included in the package price listed below.

    Following this consultation, if you don’t need any further treatment or if you decide paying for yourself isn’t the right option, there is no commitment to proceed further. If you require the procedure to be carried out, you will receive a final quote for your treatment. In most cases this will be the fixed price package quoted on this website. If this quote is different for any reason, we will provide an explanation.  Payment is required 7 days prior to treatment.

  • Prices

    HRT and Menopause Package Prices 

    Please note you will receive two invoices, one from the Hospital and one from Miss Henderson which will total the package amount.

    There will be a separate charge for any private prescriptions that may be issued

    Consultations Only Tests and Treatment included Total
    Consultation New consultation only £295
    Consultation Follow up consultation only £195
    Implants – New Patients    
    Single HRT Implant Initial consultation and Oestrogen or Testosterone  £735
    Combined HRT Implant Initial consultation and Oestrogen and Testosterone £825
    Implants – Existing patients    
    Single HRT implant Oestrogen or Testosterone £460
    Combined HRT implant Oestrogen and Testosterone £550
    Outpatient Surgical Patients (Excludes follow up)  
    Basic Surgical Procedure Insertion of Mirena Coil (outpatient procedure) £230
    Premier Surgical Procedure Hysteroscopy with or without Mirena Coil (outpatient procedure) £950

The Kent Menopause and HRT Clinic at KIMS is run by senior consultant gynaecologist Miss Anne Henderson, who has more than 25 years experience in managing menopausal patients.  Working in close conjunction with Miss Henderson, will be support from consultants in allied specialties including uro-gynaecology, breast surgery, gynaecological oncology and general medicine.  Patients will have access to all the necessary investigations under one roof, including blood tests, pelvic imaging and bone densitometry, together with outpatient diagnostic procedures.  The key feature of such seamless care is that each woman can then be offered an individualised treatment plan and ongoing support where required.

For more advice or to make a booking call the sales advisors at KIMS Hospital on 01622 237727, or email



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  • Miss Anne Henderson


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