Multi-parametric Magnetic Resonance Imaging (mpMRI) Scan

A specialist MRI scan that offers a fast and accurate diagnosis for prostate cancer

At KIMS Hospital, we offer fast access to private Multi-parametric MRI prostate scans, a diagnostic tool designed to detect prostate cancer accurately. By combining up to four different types of imaging techniques in one scan, an mpMRI scan produces more detailed pictures of the prostate than a standard MRI scan. These images can provide important information about whether or not cancer is present in the prostate.

Fast access to specialist MRI scans

We understand that undergoing any type of scan can be daunting, that is why our dedicated team of experienced MRI radiographers will be with you every step of the way. We will carry out your scan in our wide bore 3T MRI scanner, which will help if you suffer from feelings of claustrophobia. We offer the flexibility of appointments Monday to Friday, early morning, late evening and Saturday morning, so you can be seen at a time that works for you.

Book your scan here or call us on 01622 237 656.

We are a Bupa approved specialist MRI centre and approved by all major private medical insurance companies.

mpMRI Scan FAQs

  • Who can have an mpMRI Scan?

    Men with suspected prostate cancer can have access to an mpMRI scan. There is no radiation involved, however, it is not always possible for men who have certain types of implanted medical devices fitted to have an mpMRI scan. For example, someone fitted with a non-conditional MRI safe pacemaker would not be able to have an mpMRI.

    You will need to have been referred for an mpMRI by a qualified healthcare professional, such as your Consultant. It is important that the referral information is thorough, as this will allow the MRI team to tailor the scan to best suit your diagnostic needs.

  • When will I get my results?

    During your mpMRI scan a large number of images are obtained. One of our team of Consultant Radiologists will review the scans and produce a report. The majority of reports will be produced within two working days of your appointment. Kindly note, that the Radiographers who undertake your mpMRI scan are unable to give you any indication of the results of the scan.

    Your report will be sent to your referring Consultant who will be able to give you the results of your scan. Please arrange a follow-up appointment with them.