Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy is a non-invasive treatment designed to relieve painful conditions that are caused by inflammation tendons such as;

  • Plantar fasciitis 
  • Achilles tendonitis
  • Tennis elbow
  • Hip bursitis
  • Shin splint

The treatment is delivered with a machine which produces mechanical shockwaves.
The machine has a probe which is applied to the surface of the skin and delivers the shockwave into the affected tissues. The rapid changes in pressure that result form the shockwaves reduce pain and increase blood flow to stimulate tissue healing. 

Shockwave therapy is entirely non-invasive and has no major side effects. Sometimes the area may be tender during or immediately after the treatment session. Occasionally local skin irritation or redness may occur, but this is usually short lived. Although many patients derive excellent relief of pain and symptoms, the treatment may be unsuccessful in some patients and additional procedures may be necessary. 

Each session lasts around 15 minutes and is carried out in our Outpatient Department or Physical Therapy Department. You don’t need to stay in hospital and can walk in and walk out the same day. Most patients need between three and five sessions, depending on response. It is recommended that shockwave therapy is carried out alongside traditional physiotherapy and stretching. 

The treatment can be performed by a number of trained specialists including Physical Therapists, Orthopaedic Consultants and Sport Medicine Physicians.


Each session of shockwave therapy is £300 and most patients usually require between 3-5 sessions.

If a consultant performs the treatment there will be an additional fee for the consultation.

Our Consultants

  • Mr Henry Willmott

    BMBS, BMedSci(Hons), Msc. FRCS (Tr & Orth)

    • Ankle Replacement
    • Bunion Surgery
    • Shockwave Therapy
  • Professor Bijayendra Singh

    FRCS (T&O) FRCS MS (Ortho) DNB (Ortho) PG Dip (Ortho)

    • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
    • Elbow Replacement
    • Release of a Stiff Elbow
    • Rotator Cuff Surgery
    • Shockwave Therapy
    • Shoulder Arthroscopy
    • Shoulder Pain
    • Shoulder Replacement (Total)
    • Wrist Arthroscopy
  • Dr Laurence Gant


    • Shockwave Therapy
  • Mr Mark Norris

    MBChB MRCS FRCS(Tr&Orth)

    • ACL Reconstruction
    • Bunion Surgery
    • Hip Pain
    • Hip Replacement
    • Knee Arthroscopy or Meniscectomy
    • Knee Pain
    • Knee Replacement (Partial)
    • Knee Replacement (Total)
    • Shockwave Therapy